Is it possible to love after 3 days??

 I woke up on day three and the first thing I did was check my phone.... He messaged me on FB! Butterflies..... Cartoon hearts. Smiles. Life is good. And Patrick is amazing......


Day 2 - 3000 texts, 1000 PM's = 1,000,000 cartoon hearts flowing

We talked the next day all day long.We chatted from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. There wasn't 10 minutes that went by where we weren't texting or messaging on Facebook. It started out with politics, which by the way..... we are on complete opposite ends of the political spectrum. It was cute. We debated in a playful and respectful way. Is it possible to be compatible with somebody who is on a different planet with their beliefs? One wouldn't think so, however we were flawless. We touched on some challenging topics but kept it fairly light...... and our flirting smoothed over any minor flaws in our opposing beliefs.

We moved on effortlessly from politics to our interests. He is a very active and outdoorsy kind of guy. Beautiful. I have a passion for climbing the lake bluffs near my house. He runs. I run 4 months out of the year and spend the other 8 months trying to talk myself into running. However, having a handsome running partner  will certainly add another few months to my routine. He is on the P90X program. I am on the Pink Method, which is a female knockoff version of his workout plan. He runs non profit fundraisers. I want to devote my life to a non profit cause. He played soccer. My daughter lives for soccer. We both have been through a lot in life and lived to tell our stories.  So much in common. It was great :)

The amount of optimism, glitter and rainbows that was flowing from our convo was insanely cheesy yet sincerely genuine. It was sweet. A breath of fresh air. I haven't opened up to a guy like this in about 5 years. There are many reasons why, but I finally felt ready to spread my wings. It felt so right. He was so normal, sweet, considerate, not overly charming in that narcissistic kind of way. He was kind of dorky. Dorky is good. Patrick was good. I was smiling endlessly. It was awesome. We spent at least 15 minutes trying to end the convo but neither of us wanted it to end. However, 15 hours on non stop chatting took it's toll on our brains. We finally said goodnight......... And chatted more. So we keep on chatting. I tell him I want to kiss him. He agrees. This isn't typical of me. Not typical of him. But so refreshing. And real. He sends x's and o's. I tell him goodnight and we both finally pry ourselves away from the computer. It was by far the most difficult task I had that day. We later told each other that as soon as we signed off for the night, we both re-read our entire 15 hour long convo before we retired for the night........... with cartoon hearts flowing from our heads. I couldn't wait to see what day 3 would bring!


you have a friend request

"Patrick wants to be your friend"  32 friends in common.... Patrick doesn't look familiar at all. His name sounds familiar. Forget it. I'm not accepting this request. I don't really know him. Wait... we went to the same high school. Sigh. High school was a nightmare. I was fat, bullied and always in the shadow of my wonderful and smart brother. I suppose you can say I was the black sheep. I ask a friend about Patrick. He was the popular jock who all the girls adored. I look on his profile. He's single. Why not? I accept his request and he sits in my friend archive......

Months later he statuses about Shark Tank. I love Shark Tank. I'm pretty sure I will be on that show someday. I comment. Ice broken.He inboxed me...... And here is where it all began.....


Social NOTworking

Today I decided to start a blog after taking a hiatus from Facebook. I am pretty positive I will be back on someday, however I prefer not being reminded of Patrick's latest shenanigans. Patrick is the most recent leading man in this crazy reality show I call my life :)

Anyhow, our romance was better than big screen romances. It was magical. We were each other's kryptonite. We moved at a rapid pace and the intensity made me dizzy. While in each other's presence, cartoon hearts were flowing every which way. For the first time in 5 years, I finally let a man touch my soul. I literally thanked God after we connected that first night on FB.  "This is the man I'm going to marry" I thought to myself. "You're the woman I'm going to spend the rest of my life with" he told me. 

 March 2, 2012 was the unforgettable day we connected on Facebook..... I later realized it was also the beginning of my downward spiral with a self proclaimed bi-polar........